A steamy, small-town romantic comedy about finding love when you least expect it.

"a fun, easy romance."


An irresistible baseball star and a resistant hometown girl stumble into love in a flirty romance by New York Times bestselling author Lauren Layne.

Pro baseball shortstop Carter Ramsey is about to be Citizen magazine’s Man of the Year, but the only title that matters to him is out of reach: World Series MVP. Benched by a recent injury, Carter retreats to his hometown to recover. His ten-year class reunion and a potential reconciliation with the sweetheart he left behind could be perfect distractions. Until another old acquaintance throws Carter a curveball.

Olive Dunn admits that her former high school science partner is still a handsome charmer. But she wasn’t swayed then, and she won’t be swayed now. Because Olive remembers Carter’s little shortcoming: he tends to bail the moment it suits him, without a backward glance. Best to keep her feelings strictly platonic while he’s in town.

Except the entitled boy she knew is a changed man: solid, reflective, and generous. As they ease back in to their familiar friendship, things take a surprising turn, and Carter and Olive must decide if what they have is a passing flirtation or a real shot at love.

about the book

✓ Small-town romance
✓ Friends-to-lovers
✓ Sports hero
✓ Steamy (rated R)
✓ Light & comedic tone
✓ Minimal "angst"
✓ Lots of banter
✓ Swoony ending.

QUick Facts

If you love angsty romances with lots of drama, this likely won't be your cup of tea. This book is more akin to a steamy version of a Hallmark movie: two people with very different lifestyles find themselves living next door to each other, forming a solid friendship, and slowly, eventually, falling in love. Also please be aware that this book contains explicit sex-scenes. If you like your love stories PG,  proceed with caution.

May Not Be For You If...

OfficiaL Description

Yours to Keep is one of those stories that we authors wish would come around more often: the ones that are pure joy to write, where the characters seem to leap off the page, and the story unfolds in your imagination more quickly than your fingers can type it.

It was also fun. Fun to write, fun to edit. And most importantly, fun to share with readers. It features a high-school science teacher heroine who'd be very at home in the cast of The Big Bang Theory, who finds herself living next door to her ex-lab partner, current MLB baseball star, and town golden boy.

This isn't the story of a former "nerdy girl" secretly in love with the prom king, who undergoes some sort of transformation that causes him to finally see her years later.

This is the story of a woman who's always been confident in who she is as a person, who has no use for Carter's fame and fortune, or even the handsome package it comes in. This is the story of a pro athlete who loves his parents and sister, is kind to strangers, who can't stop thinking about the generous, funny woman next door.

This book is a chance to escape, for an hour or two, to a quaint small town, where the men are kind, the women are confident, and the love is forever.

A Note from the AUthor

mood board

He set the bar back, and she returned to position, doing her best to ignore him altogether as she finally got around to starting her set.

Only . . . it was harder than she expected to ignore your spotter. Almost impossible to ignore a spotter like Carter Ramsey.

The positioning alone was, um, intimate, with his crotch disturbingly near her head, his eyes watching her every motion, his hand hovering in the general vicinity of her chest.

The fact that it was him was so much worse. Tall, muscular, and she had to admit, this was a very good angle to observe all of his best features . . .


“Quit ogling me,” Carter said, never taking his gaze away from the rise and fall of the bar.

“Take it easy, Captain America. You’re the one who insisted on straddling my face.”

“Captain America?”

“You’re not hot enough to be Thor,” she said, pushing through the last rep of her set and replacing the bar. Normally she’d have pushed herself a bit further, but she didn’t usually have Carter Ramsey watching her every move.

He may not be Thor, but his presence was increasingly distracting. But also kind of . . . motivating.

"Ok. This book is adorable ... Yours to Keep is a consistently funny (I know, I know, does that even mean anything in reviews anymore?!), steamy read with a lot of heart. Both leads are genuinely nice people & I always love that when happens. Especially when one nice person is really drawn to another nice person & then they kiss."

Jessica S.

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"I loved Olive from the moment she was introduced. She was quirky, smart and just had a fun and bright personality. I liked that Carter wasn’t the overly cocky professional sports star. Yes, he is the towns proud and joy, but he is nice and kind. He is also caring. I loved how Olive just kind of inserting herself into Carter’s life, it led to many funny moments and great banter between both Carter and Olive."


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"I just freaking loved Olive. She was so fun, and real and down to earth. She kept me laughing all throughout the story. Carter seemed like a genuinely nice guy. I really enjoyed how he was with Olive and you couldn't help but root for them."

N. Royalton

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"Yours to Keep was such a fun book. I really enjoyed the banter between Carter and Olive. They were so busy "only being friends" that feelings snuck up on them. I'm always a sucker for books with athletes and Carter Ramsey definitely checked off most of my boxes. "

Michele G.

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About the Author

Featured on Inside Edition, Oprah Magazine, and described by PopSugar as a "powerhouse romance author," Lauren Layne is a New York Times bestselling author of romantic fiction & steamy contemporary romance. 

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